Does Free Shipping Increase Sales? A Guide to Boosting Sales -

Does Free Shipping Increase Sales? A Guide to Boosting Sales

In today’s ecommerce landscape, shipping is one of customers’ biggest considerations. “How much is shipping?” and “When will my order arrive?” are make-or-break questions that determine whether a buyer completes their purchase or not.

Customers expect free shipping and super fast delivery. A McKinsey report cites that more than 90% of US consumers expect two- to three-day delivery as the baseline, and 30% expect their orders delivered the same day.

On top of that, JungleScout’s 2021 Consumer Trends Report states that 80% of consumers expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount of products, and 66% expect free shipping for all online orders. 

If free shipping isn’t offered, they’re happy to walk away.

Shipping fees are frequently given as one of the main reasons why shoppers abandon their carts—with an average overall abandonment rate of 69.9%. With these numbers in mind, let’s talk free shipping. Does it increase sales? And how can you make it accessible to your customers? Below, we break down the free shipping strategy so you know when and how to use it to increase conversion.

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