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We specialise in helping business set up their online presence using the Shopify Platform to sell their products & services.
We are Certified Experts on the Shopify Platform and are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We also offer Pre-paid Service Time Blocks that can be used for any additional development, app integration, marketing, technical assistance or consultation you may require on your Shopify store. The service blocks do not expire and are utilised in 10-minute increments. So any service time you have left over can be used for other requirements you may have in the future. 

About Us

DeanSwanepoel.com is based in Cape Town, South Africa and was born out of a desire to provide a more personal and efficient approach to providing technology solutions to our clients.
With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, the end-user seldom has chance to process this change and adapt accordingly. 

At DeanSwanepoel.com we have a passion for technology and the benefits it can bring to our clients. We assimilate the information available, process what is useful and present you with viable options to enhance your business processes.

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