Shopify Marketing Service

Monthly Plan
Our Shopify Marketing Service is a recurring monthly service that will promote your Shopify store through different digital channels. Our Shopify marketing strategy is aimed at attracting more customers, building brand awareness, retaining existing customers, and improving customer loyalty. Our tried and true strategy drives traffic to your Shopify store and facilitates more sales.

Because your Shopify store is an online business, it makes sense for your Shopify marketing strategy to be focused on digital channels. There are many different channels and strategies that we will implement based on your unique requirements.
In the most simple sense, Shopify marketing is all about finding your customers wherever they are online, driving this traffic to your site, and convincing them to make a purchase.

Here is an overview of the various strategies we employ to promote your site with a view to gaining sales. We will custom tailor these strategies to suit your specific needs
  • Create Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns
  • Reach Customers With Email Marketing
  • Set Up a Referral Program
  • Add Customer Reviews to Product Pages
  • Automate Your Shopify Marketing Strategies
  • Start a Customer Loyalty Program
  • Add Social Media Feeds to Your Shopify Store
  • Sell Your Products On Social Media
  • Focus On SEO
  • Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign
  • Create Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Run a Social Media Giveaway
  • Promote Your Products in Blog Articles
  • Collaborate With Other Brands
  • Use Video to Promote Your Products
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Run Ads On Google and Social Media